Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mexico City - Week #4

hi all,

this week was definitely a different one. on my 2 month mark, the 9th, we had to go to an appointment in the morning for my companion at the dentist. (his wisdom teeth have been hurting him so he had to get them taken out.) anyway, he was not quite sure where it was so we had to bring along another companionship from our district who knew the área better. turned out they werent all that sure either. so after almost 4 hours of walking, arriving at the dentist office at 2 for our 10am appointment, we finally made it lol. after that, we came back and went throughout the day.

well, that night, i woke up around 12ish with a really bad headache and my body felt so so sore. it felt to terrible to be only from walking a lot the day before. anyway i tossed and turned in my bed all night just super miserable worrying myself about not being able to perform well the next day. morning came and i felt worse.. my comp already had to call the misión president for his teeth so he gave me the phone and told me to tell him what was wrong. i told him i had a headache and he said to go buy a coka cus sometimes caffiene helps and to just take it easy for the day cus he didnt want me to get sick. turned out i was already sick. sick with salmonella poisoning.. after i called him, it just progressed all day and i was on the toliet more times then i can possibly count.. luckily, i never threw up. you know how i LOVE vomitting.. so yeah i tried to sleep all that day but it was super hard between all the ailments i had. anyways, i called the president that night and told him about how much worse it got and he told me to go to the misión doctor in netza which either means a lot of walking and a metro ride or an expensive taxi ride. there was no way i was going to walk so i went with the taxi. long story short, got there and the doc informed me that i had gotten salmonella from some uncooked eggs or pork. im pretty sure i got it from the pork at a members house we ate dinner at which happened to be the same day we walked 4 hours. i remember it tasting pretty nasty. i ended up having it for 3 and a half days total. i still have the montezumas revenge but thats it now. the pills the doctor prescribed helped a lot.

so tomorrow is the mexican Independence day like our 4th of july so its a really big deal here. we have special rules for today and tomorrow because of it. also we went to a huge fiesta at the church for it friday night. it was really weird cus they brought carnaval rides into the the church parking lot for the members. they were also lighting Fireworks off right next to the church and there was just craziness. they do it every year here for the stake i guess. it was pretty awesome though. i have pictures i will send lol.

other then that, weve just been continuing to work with our investigators. we went with A. and D. to get them married saturday. it was a huge event for their entire family and friends and they had a big party at their house the rest of the day and they came to church sunday so they are all set to be baptized this saturday! its super exciting for me but also makes me nervous.. we still arent sure whos gonna do the baptizing. they will let us know later this week.

as for J., we took him to a another companionship's baptism in our district in order to show him the proper procedures and answer anymore questions he has about it all, he still needs one more sunday church attendance and then he is set too. its super exciting to see all this progress and i know im exetremely blessed to be able to see Chirst´s work move forward with few to no barriers at the momento. im exetremely grateful to be able to work in this área and i have gotten so close with so many members and people in the área already. its amazing.

nothing more than that, other then eating hamburgers yesterday. i miss american food! i love you all and look forward to hearing from you guys. you are all in my prayers and i know im in yours too. thank you so much. luv ya hasta luego!

Elder Corson Del Anderson

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