Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mexico City - Week #3

hey everyone,
i had a great week this week. we had 3 baptismal dates set for the 20th. one of them, we took all three of them to the temple. A. and D. are the first 2 baptisms and they have been living together for a while but arent married. D. is part of a part member family and supposedly has already been baptized but the church has no records of it so we are going to baptize him along with her. they are set to get married on the 13th so we will be accompanying them. they are super excited, at least D. is haha. A. still has a tough time with it all i think. the last baptism is J. He's been an investigator for around 6 months or so. its been that long because other missionaries just about finished his lessons and then he had to go off to college so he couldnt get baptized. we found him again and taught him all the lessons he didn't remember and hes just about ready to be baptized. the only problema is that he doesnt own an alarm clock and didnt get up for church this week and an investigator needs at least 3 visits to church before baptism and he only has 2 so we have to push his baptism back another week so ...

oh and my greatest accomplishment this week was learning how to roll my R´s like in the words perro and carro. i have never been able to do that in my entire life and thought i would never learn but just the other night, i was practicing them while my comp was practicing english R´s like in the words hard and car (super tough for latinos to get our R´s), and yeah i just got it out of nowhere! everybody was super impressed here when i showed um. they said their other White comps couldnt get that until they were like 7 to 12 months out. so im super thankful for that blessing! kylee, can you do your R´s?

so the weekends are pretty funny here. they love to party on the weekends here. anyways, this last friday night, we were walking from appointments, and first a guy who was totally fried at the moment from the influence of alcohol and drugs wanted to know what we were doing. we started to tell him and then realized he couldnt comprehend anything anyways so we gave him a couple pamphlets to read and walked away. 30 seconds later we walked by a lady sitting on the curb who was under the influence of alcohol and she made some pretty nasty remarks to my comp, 30 seconds after that, a bus passed by us with a guy sniffing some type of drug in plain sight. thats pretty much how each weekend night goes here.. its really sad to see the influence drugs and alcohol have on so many peoples lives. im am so happy that i learned young, to stay far away from any of that stuff!

yesterday at church was very good. third block, we watched a movie about Gordon B Hinckley, its called a giant among men i believe. it was really great and i recommend you all watch it! seriously. after church, we had pizza at a members house which was a real treat cus you hardly ever get pizza here unless you buy it for yourself and then its really expensive. but later that night, we had it again at another member's house! it was a great fast breaker that day.

was also getting really down on myself because we went to an investigators house to teach a lesson and the investigator had a ton of questions with a lot of doubts about the góspel and my comp pretty much did all the talking. i knew what i wanted to say and really wanted to say it but i couldn't translate it to spanish, finally i tried saying it and the little kid who was in the room was like ¨what?¨ so i knew i did a terrible job conveying my message. the rest of that night, i was feeling sorry for myself and then i noticed one of the Elders we had pizza with, was feeling bad as well. his name is Elder N. and he speaks zero english. after dinner we had a half hour walk back to our houses and i started talking to him. he told me about the problems he was having with his companion, and then i got him to tell me about his life. i learned that he's part of a part member family, there are 8 of them and his mom, sister, and himself are mormon. one sister doesn't believe in God, the other is catholic, and the other is (non-denominational), the other members don't really have a preference about religión. i also learned about what he did before the misión and what he wants to do after the misión and he gave me a lot of good advice about the misión. i'm telling you this because before this momento i have never been able to have a normal conversation with anybody in complete spanish, especially one for half an hour. i learned that night, that God had given me a tender mercy because i was struggling with my confidence in spanish that night. i'm so thankful for the role my Heavenly Father has played in this misión so far and its hards for me to believe all the blessings i have received already. i feel spoiled.

i love you all and look forward to reading your emails next week. take a moment this week to think about the many blessings you have been given and you will realize how charitable our Heavenly Father really is.

Elder Anderson
Del Anderson

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