Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mexico City - Week #2

week 2 was very good. we took an investigator to church yesterday named Javier. should hopefully have him baptized within the next month. along with a couple others if all things go according to plan.. keeping my fingers crossed! i used to hate teaching lessons before the misión and now i love it.. i dont know what it is but when we teach to people we just feel so much peace and security. i would always struggle thinking about how i would cope with teaching thousands of lessons but now im like yeh! we get to teach a lesson! lol its really weird.. another one of the many blessings i guess. also took hna christina to the temple visitors center for her first time ever. she was just recently baptized and is super converted. i love here so much. she has a lil grandson she has to watch a lot named leo. hes a lil terd. haha but hes so funny. hes like 4 and he does stuff just to get under her skin.. sounds like me when i was Young.. love you mom ;)
my cámara died one night and i put new batteries in it and started it back up and all my pictures were deleted! super sad but im glad it happened early in the misión and im also glad i sent a good half of um home via email.. (if anybody has a better way that i can send pictures home via internet let me know) the day after that happened we got caught out in a thunderstorm and we were on the other side of our área so it was about a 20 min run thru the rain to our casa. my shoes are still drying out haha. it was a lot of fun and my cameras waterproof so i got some good pics and vids. the streets turn into waterfalls here when it rains because they are all super inclined because we tract on the side of a mountain basically and there is practically no drainage.
we have had some kick-butt food this last week. had some pizza, with cut up hotdogs on it for the meat of course. actually pretty good.. and my comp and i started a tradition every friday night to go to this one place and have quesadillas and coke (the coke is made with real cane sugar here so it tastes amazing) and the quesadilla was the best one ive had in my life.. seriously considering getting one right now.. theres a lot more i ate but i wont bore yall with that
so everybody takes the metro or buses or taxis for transportation here so everytime we get on the metro there are so many people packed like sardines or when theres not that many people, the performers come in and they are anything from clowns to singers to whistleblowers, to ladies with their children helping them sell candies to people. its crazy..
nothing more really happened this week aside from preparing. teaching and contacting everyday. it was a great week for me! i love you all so much and thanks for the dearelders and stuff you all sent me thus far! letters seriously make my day! gracias gracias
love Elder Anderson

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