Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mexico City - Week #19

hey everybody,

i hope you all had a good Christmas. to be completely honest, it was hard for me to be away from my family on Christmas. really hard. but then. i started to look at the bright side of things. number 1, only 1 Christmas left. number 2, i got to skype instead of call. number three, i have a sister who is also in the mission. number 3, i have been able to learn spanish. number 4. i have made life-long friends. number 5, i have learned so much about the scriptures. number 6, i have learned so much about myself. number 7, i have seen peoples lives change. number 8, i have witnessed miracles. number 9, i have a wonderful family who loves and cares about me so entirely much. 
so, when i started thinking about these positive things, it helped me a ton. it was hard to be gone for Christmas and it will be hard to be gone for the next. but if Heavenly Father has given me all of these blessings and much more for missing it, i cant imagine what i will recieve for missing the next.. Heavenly Father always blesses us more than we can comprehend when we make our will that of His Son. mom and dad, i know it was hard to not have two of your children home for Christmas and i doubt it will be any easier the next time but you already know how many blessings we are recieved as a family. just think of how many more we have in store for us. i am so thankful for the people i have in my family, relative and extended. and for the people i know and will come to know. each person has played a huge role in helping me get through the tougher moments here in the mission and im thankful for that. thanks for the love yall! i love you too! happy new year everyone! xoxoxo

Love, Elder Anderson

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