Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mexico City - Week #20

Hey all,

I hope you all had a great new year! We had to stop working at 6 but we were alowd to go with a member to celebrate after 6 if we got rides to and from. So we went to the s. The same family we celebrate Christmas eve with. The spell check is spanish to this iPad is switching every word. I apologize for that. :) but not much has happened this week. Pretty normal and nothing crazy other than staying up till 12:00 for the new year. We left the s. around 10:30 to play uno and basketball on our basketball hoop in our house útil 12.
It was a lil tougher to work this week but im sure this next week will be better.. After all the holidays and all. Its súper hard to focus during the holidays as you could expect.. I also have changes! Well not me but my compa. I stay and he goes. New compas for both. Im anxious but nervous. It will be my first change in the field.
Hermana a. is still going to church every week with the entire family. All members now and hermana a. also has a calling!  Primary president! So cool..
Thats about it form this week cus its quite annoying to write con this thing lol. I have some pics of new years i will send next week. ¡les amo mucho y espero que ustedes pueden tener una buena semana! ¡Hasta luego caimánes!

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