Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mexico City - Week #21

Hey all

And yes I have 2 companions right now! I'm in a trio! So my old comp ... left the area and I stayed but the other two elders who were in my house living with me took me on as well as my area. So now we have two areas to work so we are super busy.. It's awesome to be with elder n. and s. Do you guys remember elder s. from the skype chat? He said hi to y'all. It's such a big difference to have a different companion, or in my case two.. It's still really weird for me but it's a great thing. Chances are, I will only be with um for 3 more weeks until the end of the change so I'm soaking in as much fun as possible lol. 
As for the missionary work, we have had a lot of it. The bad thing is that out of the 7 investigators that said they would come to church, nobody at all. I would say that's the hardest part of it all. No matter how great the lessons are and how much they feel the spirit, when they wake up on Sunday morning, it's like the switch flips in their mind and they are like, "heck no, I ain't goin to church!" It does make it that much more better when they finally come though.. I also gave another blessing to a little girl. Here grandma needed one which my comp did then the little girl wanted one so I gave here it lol she wasn't sick or anything crazy. Just wanted a blessing.
But that's it for the week.. I have nothing more I can think of right now. Ohh yeah, we found the second mouse in our house. I killed it with a butterfly knife I bought from some vendor near the metro. Nasty things.. That's it I think. 
Love y'all and peace out! Xoxo

elder Anderson

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