Friday, August 15, 2014

Corson MTC Final P-Day

Hola everyone!
i leave the ccm this monday the 18th. our mission president will come to the ccm to pick us up. pretty lucky of us considering almost everyone else has to get up at 2am for their flights. i have gotten really close to elder healey, call, and muir. youve probably seen um in some of my pics. they all are goin to my mission as well so it will be sweet to catch up with um as well as elder garrett every month or so. i have gotten really close to elder muir tho. He is an awesome friend and it will be sad not having an hour before bed to chill, talk about life, and write in my journal with him. for his personality, picture gunnar, just younger. haha and he lives in heber, utah which is supposedly an awesome place to be. we already have plans to chill a ton after the mission. as for the week, not much happened i dont think. let me go thru my journal.. oh a big stomach virus went thru the ccm. like 100 kids had to go to the infirmary on our campus. healey was the first one to get it in our casa. tons of other kids ended up getting it in the days to follow including my comp., elder garrett and elder king. i was so lucky not to get it. i did not want to throw up, please believe! oh so garrett and i had to come home one day during class because he had low blood sugar, so we left the front door open thinkin we would be really quick which we were.. but a bird flew into our casa because there is a mirror right behind the front door so i had to shew it out while garret stood behind the doors screamin his head off lol. it was pretty funny. as far as devotionals and our district goes, its really the same exact thing as kylee is going through. it sounds like she can handle it alot better tho lol. i get frustrated when so many people our worried about a person. it feels like somebody sneezes and the rest of the district is like, are you ok? your homesick arent you? talk to me.. people get way to sensitive around here lol oh well a couple more days. we had french toast for one of the days and it was nothing compared to mommas but man it tasted so good.. other than that, i dont really have much else haha it has been a great time here. im excited for the mission! i love you all and you are in my prayers 
elder anderson 
ps dont send anything yet until i get u my address in the mission field. i might be able to email saturday as well. not positive tho. ;)

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