Saturday, August 2, 2014

Corson MTC P-Day #3

hey so this week went pretty quick like usual. its crazy how fast the time flies by. i just got done doing laundry, cleaning our room, cleaning out my closet, and sweeping and mopping (one thing i learned that actually benifits me in life other than making an amazing burger from the BK job) ;) i never thought i would want to clean or do anything when i actually got here and to the pdays when i was pondering about the mission at home. but all i want to do is make everyhting perfect for some reason. so unfortunately <a missionary in our district went home.> we thought he was doing better <and going to stay here, but he just didn't choose to.>. i talked with him for a couple hours a couple nights before he made the decision to go and told him about my wrestling story and the feelings i felt towards it when i was living it. he told me later that helped him alot and i am super happy for him to be home because of the ... <anxiousness> he was experiencing while here in the ccm. looking back at, it all makes sense why <my cousin met him prior to us leaving and asked me to look for him in the CCM.> ...he knew me when we were here together and opened up to me because of what <cuz> told him <about me.> God works in mysterious ways and my doubts about them are gone. im so blessed to be here. also, after <the elder> and i talked, we decided we would got to <see> the mission president of the 1000 missionaries here. while <the elder> was talking to his mom on the phone, i ... got to talk to the mission president and his wife for an hour straight! this is the same person who served in the quorum of the seventies and i found out later in a devotional that he served with elder jeffrey r. holland as his companion when they went on their two year missions! How amazing is that?! <He> was working as an attorney for the church and has lived in every place from mongolia to hong kong.. i told him about my family and our journey to az. ... it was sweet to meet them. i became dl <district leader> this week and its nice to be  a leader honestly. it gives me more to keep my mind on, which is cool. never thought i would actually like to lead until i came here. it hailed again yesterday. the weather is so weird but i love it. ive been playing some ping pong at gym time and i want to get good at it before i leave. i figure thats a good skill for byui eh? lol oh and my companion and i bought usb drives in the tienda and we put videos on um ... to mail to you guys so u should be gettin um this next week. they have videos of the bird pranks we pulled on one of our roomates and another video of me talking. a lil bit in spanish even but i forgot what to say so i just went back to english. i think you guys will like um. and you better cus it cost me 115 pesos for that usb! ;) other than all that, my spanish is still comin i think. it feels like im slowing down but i am still learning and im thankful for that. i am so ready to be out the field tho. its crazy to think i will be in a couple of weeks! oh and thanks you guys so much for all the letters and the package i got! anytime i get anything, it makes my entire day better and since <the other elder> left, im pretty sure im top of the district when it comes to getting letters. keep um coming please! im grateful to be here and i am having a blast so dont worry about me mom! its great!
love you all so much, corson

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