Saturday, August 9, 2014

Corson MTC P-Day #4

hola everyone,
kylee, yes we have p-day eve and p-adam as well (the day before p-day eve). pretty sure i get more excited for p-day than i did for Christmas.. at least the last couple years haha. thats bad huh? lol i am also glad u get to go to the temple. ur so lucky.. i was just talkin to elder ..., another elder in my district about going to the temple and we were saying how we would give anything to go to the temple and do some sessions right now. even in spanish haha. oh and that blessing is so cool kylee! gift of tongues is sweet stuff. heres what you should do, at least this is what i do; i used the second journal i got from the newkirks and i am using it for all the blessings that have and will happen to me on the mission only. i already have like 8 or so blessings written in it. you should do that too. oh and one of your efy kids is here. hes that really nice dirty blonde haired kid. i think his last name starts with a b? i will get a pic with him this next week to show ya. 

my week has been pretty good. today we went to the visitors center of the mexico city temple and it was great. i got some pics i will tag along with this. kinda like kylees, week nothing new here. everyday is exactly the same haha. ready to get out as well. our devotionals are always interesting because they are really good speakers, from the quorum of the 70s, but they dont know english all to well, so its kinda funny to see um try to get their points across. ... its weird to think that the kids r starting school again. time is going really quick here. mom did u guys get that usb drive yet? i should be there if he sent it when he got home. oh and since elder ... went home, his comp, elder ... got put into a tri-companionship with elder ... and my two other roommates. so elder ... and i decided to switch elder ... rooms so now im in the same room as elder king and elder ..., the tall kid that was elder king's comp from the time you said goodbye to me at the airport. so u personally know 2 of my 3 roommates now haha. another blessing! its been interesting getting to know my comp. elder ... we virtually have nothing in common outside of church lol but we dont ever get into arguments or anything. its just weird being with somebody 24/7 that is completely opposite of you lol. aside from learning spanish thats the hardest thing so far, is having a companion. oh btw, can u give me gunnars email? and whits if you want. 2 weeks from now i will have been a couple days out in the field. i leave for the field on the 18th. i heard our mission president is a really chill guy and supposedly he's gonna come pick us up in a van from the ccm which is pretty nice considering everybody else who isnt going to mexico, has to wake up at 2:00am to get on airplanes. brutal.. nothing else is new that i can think of atm. im just happy to be here and happy to be writing you all.. miss you guys and love you all so much,
elder anderson 

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