Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First day in the field!

hola familia!
just shooting ya an email that im finally outta the ccm. we got up at
5:45am this morning showered and got the last of our stuff packed up.
it was me, elder healey, call, muir, and garrett. everybody in our
house was gone when we woke up because they had to leave in the middle
of the night for their flights. we got in the vans and it felt like i
was a soldier in a war videogame in a cargo truck cus the van was very
open and had bench seats along every side panel. i got really motion
sick cus i was facing sideways towards the sidewalks as we were
driving. i thought i was gonna throw up but i didnt luckily.. im good
at keepin it down :) we got to the mission home and met the president
and his wife they are very very nice! i am actually talking to hermana
stutzneggar (mission pres. wife), as we speak. we are just talking about everything from
what its like on the streets to kylee serving as well. pretty sweet. i
think they will send you a pic with me and them later. we had amazing
donas for breakfast and we had a hermano from the stake here who owns
a burger stand so he brought it over for us right in front of the
office and he was like "my burgers or the 'in n out' burgers in mexico
city" and they did taste that good if not better! they have been the
best food ive had yet! there are 206 missionaries in my mission at the
moment. so many. i will probably get paired with a hispanic missionary
who knows no spanish but its ok. it will be hard at first, really hard
im sure, but i want to learn as quick as possible. we are all gonna
sleep in the mission office tonight, and we will get up and go to the
netzhualcoyotl stake center to get our comps. im sitting with elder
leawitt right now. hes the redhead kylee knew in the mtc (in Provo). pretty cool.
other people have to email now so i gtg. love you guys. i think my p
day will be mondays so talk to ya later.
elder anderson :)

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