Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mexico City - Week #54

hey guys,
hows it going guys? i hope your all having a great day! sorry i didnt have much tme to write last lunes but we had to despedirnos of everyone in the area. and to prepare for the changes the next day. it was a long day but a good one. it was really hard saying goodbye to a couple families in that area.. it reminded me of when i had to say goodbye to all of you guys. its never fun saying goodbye.. but the good news is that i have made lifetime friends and will be ab le to be in contact with them for the rest of my life even after the mission. so they sent me to an area called las aguilas 1. its about 45 minutes away from my last area. its really tranquilo here though. not to many people surprisely. the roads are practically empty in the night on our way back to the house. the safest area ive been in yet. my new companion is named elder barnett form utah. his a really chill easy going guy. he has 11 months in the mission. im happy about my change overall. just another step! anyways, i hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their day off today! love you all! xoxo
Elder Corson Del Anderson

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