Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mexico City - Week #57


hows it going people? i hope you all had a good week. a couple news announcements for ya all. first, general conference. during the last general conference i was thinking, wow, its going to be a long time before the next one, and look! here we are haha. we also got a new companion to look after so im now in a trio again. his name is elder hernandez. other than that, we have had a lot of success contactings this week. we even found a couple of nuevos yesterday which is super weird because almost nobody is home during the weekend here. there are a few families progressing well too. a couple more weeks and some should make it to the water.
 the old lady who we gave the blessing last week passed away about 24 hours after the blessing. she had definitely been waiting for the blessing before she could move on. the only thing i remember saying in the blessing is ¨your Heavenly Father wants to hug you again¨ i remember closing and thinking it would not be long unti lshe passed on to the other side. i still remained shocked at that experience. it was a blessing to be a tool in my Heavenl Father´s hands.
i love you all and hope you can all have a good day and week! be safe! watch ALL of the conference! dont forget to read and pray! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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