Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mexico City - Week #58

hey everyone,

i hope yall hada good week! mine was great. i absolutely loved general conference! it was my favorite one yet in the the mission. i feel like i learn more and more every conference. my favorite talk was a tie between 7 different ones actually haha. it was just a so good.. 
so, i just got news that i will be training along with my companion. only that they will be sending a new area to start or white wash.. it will b difficult but thats why im here isnt it? lol anyways, we went to center today with omar y laura from my last area. they are doing really good and it was a pleasure to see them again. we had a fun time together. i will send you some pics. we also had a zone activity today. we weeded a ladys backyard haha. it was fun. we found a huge dead rat in case youd like to know 😉 . overall, had a wonderful week and i learned a ton.. im excited for these next couple months. gonna be good stuff. i love you guys! have a good one! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson 

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