Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mexico City - Week #59

hey all,

hows everyone doing? this past week was the last one of the change and the last one with my companion Elder Barnett. tomorrow i get the new Elder and ├írea. ohh and that third comp that we had for like 5 days ended up going home. pretty weird story actually.. anyways, barnett and i have had a good time together. unfortunately, i wont get to see hardly any of the fruits of our labor in this ├írea. barnett should have some very solid converts from this next cycle here.
i didnt do much today for pday. just the normal stuff and packing. 
anyways, i got the rare oppurtunity to slaughter, prepare and eat rabbit this past week haha. i wont go into too many details but it tasted good. kinda like a jerky but with chicken meat if that makes any sense.. a converso has started raising rabbits and he let me process the first one because he knew that i was leaving. i think thats about it this week from what i can remember.. 
have a lovely week everyone! i love you guys! xoxoxo

Elder Anderson

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