Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #42

hey all,
i had changes this week. elder hernandez-garcia left and i got elder perez in return. elder perez is good but i do missed my old comp. we had a good first week of work. ive never been a big fan of getting to know my new comps and all lol. mom and dad know how i always havent been the biggest social butterfly haha. but its been good getting to know him.
ana maria is still golden. shes such a sweetheart. she is just so open to the Gospel it crazy.. theres such a difference between pushing the Gospel on people who dont want it, as compared to when they do want it. my experience with her is a reminder of that im here to find people that are ready for the Gospel.
had another toe operation today. they are never fun. one day my toes will be good again. one day lol. have another appointment in a couple days. we went to the center today. my comp needed to buy some shoes and a couple other things. we ate at KFC there. it was good. its always cool to walk in the center. such neat stuff there. 
anyways, thats about it. i hope you all can have a good one this week. love you guys! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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