Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #48

hey guys,
i thought i sent you all the general earlier but i guess not. this past week was great. had lots of exito. ana maria and encarncaion are continuing strong. they are super converts. we have a baptism planned for this saturday for a man named santiago. hes a great guy. actually, when i got to the capilla for the first time in this area, he was there and i had always thought he was a member until his sister told us that he wanted to start taking the lessons haha. he has 2 kids who are members and his son will prolly be baptizing him this saturday. its been a neat experience with him.
i had (hopefully) my last procedure done on my toe thursday. it went ok. its just in recovery right now. should be all good to go from here on out. sorry this is a short one but im doing well and i hope you are all doing well as well. i hope you all have a great week! love you guys! xoxo peace out!

Elder Anderson

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