Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mexico City - Week #51

hey all, 

this week went well. the highlight being that we went to the puertas abiertas del templo. it was awesome! i felt so good in there. i cannot wait to do sessions there when it opens in septiembre. i know it well help me a lot! gerardo, one of our investigadores, finally prayed to know if the things we taught him were true. it was hard for him to start praying because he didnt really believe in God. we finally got him to pray one night before he went to bed and he said when he started, he heard someone say his name. he said he thinks it was his father who passed away a couple years ago. then, when he finished the prayer, he felt super tranquilo  and really peaceful. he told us he recieved his answer! he has a baptismal date for the 5th of septiembre. the other investigadores didnt make it to church unfortuantely. but theres always this week. im still loving my area. we are having good lessons and all around success here. good stuff! anyways, i love you guys so much and miss you! have a great week everyone! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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