Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #46

hey guys,

this week was good, unfortunately, we didnt have the baptism of ana maria.. she needs a special interview with the prez. because of something she had done in her adolescent years.. im sure you can guess what.. but its all good cuz she is scheduled with the prez for miercoles. she will get baptised this saturday with another old dude we are teaching named encarnacion. pretty funny name eh? i thought so anyways. 
apart from that, i cant remember what else.. oh we made a lil fire behind our house and burned my shirt for the year mark. then we ordered pizza. dominos of course because the mexican pizza tastes like garbage. double the price   but hey im a gringo and as far as that goes here in mexico, i got loads of money! (according to what all the mexican people are trying to tell me) im still waiting for that supposed payday to come though lol.
thats about it. i got some good pícs for you guys though. i will send them rightr now. have a great week everyone! love you all! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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