Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #43

hey everybody,

so, im one of 4 missionaries in the ward. the companion of the other set of missionaries went home. he had like 15 months and just couldnt do it anymore so he decided to go home. so his comp, elder martinez came with us. now we are in a trio until president figures out what to do with elder martinez. we shouldnt be together very much longer though. everything should be back to normal by the end of this week i would imagine. its my second time being in a trio. i have had a bunch a comps and only 2 areas so far haha. i guess thats how it goes though.

im still going the podologo. ive been there a lot lately. im jsut having problems with my right foot big toe on the left side. but they should fix it all up nice and pretty in these next couple weeks. 

we are still having good success in the area. hopefully we should have a baptism within the next couple weeks. we contacted a guy named encarnacion but he likes us to call him chon. so hno chon reminds me a lot like papa. and he actually owned a bus business around 20 yrs ago but he lost it because of the economy and everything. then he started working as a handyman type but for buses. he is like 82 yrs old but still has truck and gets called every so often to help some people out with parts and other little things for their buses. hes very very kind and we had a 2 hour lesson with him. he came to church yesterday and we have a temple visitors center trip planned with him for this miercoles. hes a super cool guy. hes like my papa, just spanish speaking haha.

thats it for this week. i hope you all have a good day! love you you guys! bye! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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