Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #45

hey guys,

this week went well. nothing too crazy. as with the investigators, we went with ana maria this past thursday and found out she wasnt married.. shes an old lady and has been with her husband for 36 yrs! i really dont understand the whole marriage thing with the people here. people HATE having a commitment. anyways, that lil problem pushed her baptism a week back to this coming saturday the 11th. the great news is, is that we already got them married lol. we came back the next day after find out and scheduled an appointment with a judge and them for saturday morning, the 4th. it was pretty awesome because that doesnt really happen so quick like it did. it just took a lil coaxing on our part and she was gun-hoe for it. so we were at the municipal half the day on saturday. i got some pics i will send. it went great. moments like that are the ones every missionary hopes and waits for. matrimonios and bautismos. so awesome. so that was really the highlight of the week for me. 
other then that, we are just working hard. getting fechas set up and trying to find news. these next couple weeks should be really exitosas. we went to the center today to get a couple things. was fun but tiring. ohh and im back with just one comp now. elder perez. its good to be back to normal but it sure was fun being in a trio. thats about all i can remember right now because everything just kinda melts together these days. but i love you guys! xoxo bye!

Elder Anderson

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