Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexico City - Week #47

hey guys,

great week this week. we finally got ana maria in the water along with encarnacion. hes the one that reminds me of papa. i baptized ana maria and my companion baptized encarnacion. was a really sweet experience for the both of them. they are both super converted to the Gospel which is awesome.. ana maria is so strong. all of the family of ana maria came to here baptism and afterwards, we had a party at her house. her family now calls me her padrino because thats who they call the one who baptizes you in the catholic church haha. it was a neat experience in all. last night, we went back to ana marias house to teach her entire family as well. we taught them all the restauracion. its was a good lesson. very spiritual. everyones hearts were touched by the end of it. now we will just start the process with all of them. poco a poquito haha. 
we had thinly-sliced chicken breasts veggies and refried beans served with tortillas and salsa yesterday for lunch. i cant remember anything else from the week. maybe the pics will refresh my memory haha. sorry. i love you guys so much. thanks for all the love and support you throw my way. have a fantastic week! xoxo

Elder Anderson

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